About Us

Our Story

In 2016 we took a trip to South America. Our first adventure in years. We needed to free ourselves from life's everyday grind and hustle of running our small entertainment company for kids. We both have roots in South America that span from Indigenous Roots of the Arawak/Taino of Guyana mixed with West African, South Asian, Northern Indian, Latino and Eastern European. What would start as a trip for us to unwind would become a journey of self-discovery.

From the moment we landed in the Andes Mountains, we instantly fell in love. On day two of our trip, we began planning our move to the Andes. We returned to United States and began working to return to the Andes Mountains.

One year later, with the help of friends, we made that trip back, and we have been living in a beautiful city 8500 feet up amongst the clouds. We spend our days creating ever-lasting relationships with the local artisans and immersing ourselves in the culture.

We discovered the alpaca wool blankets when we took our first trip here. We loved the blankets so much that we brought them home as gifts for our family and friends.

Every time we returned home for a visit, everyone we knew, who cuddled up in our cozy alpaca wool blankets, asked for us to bring them an alpaca blanket on our next trip. 

With so many requests, we decided what better way to share the gift of these beautiful handcrafted items of the people we have gotten to know and love than by making them available to our friends and everyone.

We hand select each item here in South America, where we now reside part-time. We choose the most incredible designs of local artisans. 

When you purchase with us, you become a part of the fabric of this beautiful continent and its genuinely beautiful people. Our artisan community can support their families and continue to pass on their craft for generations to come.

What is the meaning behind the name Violet & Alchemy?

Alchemy is Magic. Alchemy is the magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. In medieval times Alchemists were chemists that sought to transform metals like lead into gold. For us, Alchemy stands for the ability to use your magic to change your life and existence. You have the power to take what is the "lead" in your life and create and transform it into "gold." We feel our Indigenous community does just that with what they make. Though life is often not easy for many, life is still magical.

Violet is a color that, throughout time, has been associated with Majesty and Royalty. In Chinese Painting, Violet represents the Harmony of the Universe. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Violet is related to the Crown Chakra. The color Violet resonates with us on many levels. To us, Violet represents your individualistic, majestic, royal self. 

We created Violet & Alchemy for you through a process of magic and transformation within our own lives, and all our goods have a touch of magic just for you.

We hope you enjoy shopping here at Violet & Alchemy. If you have any questions feel free to message us here or email us at